Green to Clean


The primary reason a pool turns green is when algae begin to bloom. Here in Phoenix, a monsoon dust storm can turn a bright clear swimming pool to a murky green swamp in just 24 hours. Leaves, dust, and other debris quickly tax the chemical balance of the pool water and allow algae to take advantage. Pools and spas in vacation homes and bank-owned properties are especially susceptible to turning green and staying that way for far too long.

Neglected and infrequently used pools that turn green become breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitoesbacteriafungi, and other microorganisms. The dark water hides debris which can be very hazardous for animals and people who may fall in. Green pools present a health hazard to the entire community. Maricopa County is continually trying to control mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus. The county chemically fogs large areas to combat pests. Additionally, they are cracking down by prosecuting violations and assessing fines.

We Specialize in Green to Clean Algae Removal

Upon discovering that a pool you are responsible for has a green problem, call us right away. Even the most vigilant pool owner has issues from time to time keeping the green out. Pool owners often spend too much time and money trying to discover the cause before calling for help. Recurring algae blooms are a signal that something isn’t working correctly. It’s likely time to call in a professional to inspect the entire pool system. In the case of stubborn black algae damage, a complete re-plastering may be in order.

Regular pool cleaning keeps algae at bay. PoolSide of AZ specializes in Green to Clean algae pool cleaning and restoration, and we offer a variety of pool service and maintenance plans once we restore the proper balance. Call PoolSide of AZ at (480) 818-3959 for an algae removal estimate!

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