Pool Repair

Identify small leaks, cracks, & poor function before they become large issues

Pool and spa maintenance is more than just emptying skimmer baskets, rinsing filters, a quick sweep now and then, and trying to balance chemicals. An essential, but often overlooked, part of basic pool maintenance is the regular inspection and evaluation of a pool's surfaces and equipment.

Routine inspection of plaster, tiles, cool deck, and other surfaces can catch small imperfections and cracks before they become large problems. We can determine if a crack is a cosmetic issue that can be resolved with a simple repair or if it is a more serious issue that compromises the integrity of your pool. In the case of serious cracks or other damage, we can evaluate the problem, identify solutions, and give you an estimate for repairs.

In addition to visual inspection of a pool's surfaces, all connected equipment and plumbing need to be checked regularly. The pump, motor, filtration system, and all valves should be evaluated for function and efficiency. Note should be taken of odd sounds, any increase in energy use, or water that just doesn't seem to stay clear. Poorly functioning equipment can dramatically increase costs for pool owners in terms of energy use and chemicals. Even worse, poor maintenance can reduce equipment life in half, resulting in early equipment failure and the need for replacement.

The key to avoiding major repairs is proper pool service and maintenance. We offer a variety of service plans with flexible pricing to keep your pool in good working order. When you find your pool is in need of repair, call us for an inspection and evaluation. Our goal is to have you back in the water, enjoying outdoor living in the Valley of the Sun.

  • Identify small leaks, cracks, & poor function before they become large issues
  • Keep your pool clean & safe
  • Protect the value of your home & pool
  • No repair too small or too big