Pool Interior Cleans

Stained or neglected pools sometimes need a little facelift to regain their splash appeal.

Acid washing is an effective way to improve the look of pool and spa plaster surfaces without the expense of a total replastering or refinishing application. A professionally applied acid wash removes the very top, thin, dingy layer of plaster to reveal a vibrant layer of fresh plaster underneath, restoring the inviting look and brightness of the pool.

Acid Washing Requires a Pool Professional

While some people prefer to manage their basic pool maintenance, acid washing is not a good DIY project! The process involves draining the pool (there are several municipal codes to adhere to), carefully applying the acid, properly rinsing the surfaces, clearing debris, refilling the pool, and rebalancing the chemical content. It’s essential to have a qualified pool technician perform this procedure to prevent injury and accidental etching of tile, pool deck, or other surfaces and to avoid severely damaging the plaster. Ultimately, a do-it-yourself mistake could result in a total replastering renovation.

If you feel your pool could be brighter and more inviting, don’t sweat it. Contact PoolSide of AZ today for an acid washing inspection and estimate. Our team will restore your swimming pool to the brilliant, sparkling condition you love in no time!

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